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What is the package size of moon cake box

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the moon cake packing box is the thing that wraps the moon cake, so the size of the packing box must be inseparable from the size of the moon cake. For the most part, the low-grade moon cake packaging box is close to the moon cake. One is a combination of blister inner support and plastic packaging, just for beauty. The size of the packaging box will be about 1cm added to the diameter of the moon cake

gift box is generally a set of boxes formed by putting moon cakes of various flavors together. First, calculate the size of the packing box. It is probably about 1.5cm in the diameter of the moon cake. According to this proportion, the size will come out

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selection of materials for moon cake packaging box:

1. Select materials according to the grade of gifts and the needs of customers

China is a country of etiquette, and giving gifts on holidays represents blessings and intentions. Send friends, colleagues, etc. in this way, it is suitable to choose the requirement of “simplicity and atmosphere”. In terms of positioning, choosing facial paper can basically meet the requirements of high positioning and gift giving. If you buy it for your own consumption, you should be “practical”. There are no too many requirements for external packaging. The important thing is the taste. At this time, you can choose the simplest external packaging

2. Choose packaging materials according to the price

now people pay less and less attention to the festival, and the atmosphere gradually fades. They just buy moon cakes to cope with the festival. In this case, it is necessary to implement ladder classification according to different groups. If the price is high, choose paper, iron or wood and other materials, and if the price is low, choose plain packaging such as plastic paper

it depends on how the interior is made. There are four, six, eight, nine, ten and twelve different packages, including round box, hexagon, gossip box, big gift box and so on

there are many packaging materials for moon cakes, such as iron, wood, plastic and so on. The characteristics of various materials are different. High grade gift boxes are generally packed in iron boxes, which can absorb the advantages of various materials and process and transform them in combination with the characteristics of iron sheets

the packaging designed by adding the advantages of iron sheet to the design of carton gives people a very high-grade feeling. Maybe a more environmentally friendly and high-end material will be developed in the future, which will better meet the needs of moon cake packaging materials

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packaging box design principle of moon cake:

(I) safety principle. Safety is the most basic principle of packaging design. In the process of early packaging, the selected packaging materials and memory packaging materials must be suitable for the physical and chemical properties of the product to ensure that the product is not damaged, deformed, deteriorated or smelly

(II) economic principle. The selection of materials should be safe, firm, light and low-cost. The internal structure should be scientific and reasonable, which can protect the products without adverse side effects. The waste of large packaging of small commodities and luxury packaging of low-cost commodities should be prevented

(III) artistic principle. Packaging materials should be beautiful and generous, vivid, unconventional, do not imitate, and adopt new packaging materials to make people refreshing. Packaging pattern. The words must be clear and truthfully reflect the characteristics, functions, specifications and use methods of the goods

the packaging size of moon cake box is a vague concept, because the packaging of moon cake box has a single package and multiple packages together. If multiple packages are packaged together, there is another problem. How many problems are there together, and the number is large, then the packaging will be larger. Therefore, if this question is more specific, there will be a more accurate answer

it depends on how the interior is made. There are four, six, eight, nine, ten and twelve in different packages. There are round boxes, hexagonal boxes, gossip boxes, big gift boxes and so on!!

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