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What is the working principle of automatic weighing and batching machine?

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What does the buffer weight in the figure mean?

the following analysis of the main reasons affecting the batching accuracy shows that the batching system is a complex automatic control system. In order to ensure the batching accuracy, we must conduct a comprehensive analysis according to the process requirements, the characteristics of the materials to be prepared and other factors. Controlling the high accuracy of the batching system is good for improving the product quality and highlights the strength of the enterprise

I. material characteristics

mainly refer to the fluidity, moisture absorption, uniformity of material shape and viscosity of materials. These factors will directly affect the flow of materials in the preparation process, thus affecting the accuracy of batching

2. Control of feeding amount

1. Influence of material level in the silo: too low or lack of material in the silo may cause the feeding to fail to reach the set value,

2. Feeding speed: the feeding speed index is contradictory to the feeding accuracy index. Accelerating the feeding speed can reduce the batching time

, and to improve the batching accuracy, the feeding time must be extended

3. Height from the feeder outlet to the weighing hopper: after cutting off the power supply of the feeder and stopping feeding, the air blanking (drop) between the self-contained feeder and the weighing hopper is one of the main error sources affecting the batching accuracy. The greater the height from the feeder outlet to the weighing hopper, the greater the drop value, and the more difficult it is to control the accuracy

III. weighing hopper

if less materials are prepared in the system each time, the weight of weighing hopper will affect the selection of weighing sensor range. The stiffness of the weighing hopper will also affect the stress of the sensor.

the mechanical part is composed of frame, transmission device, transmission roller, weighing device, deviation prevention and correction device, pear shaped cleaner, head cleaner, idler, belt, discharge cover, hopper, base, calibration rod, etc. It is a weighing and quantitative conveying mechanism.

dual monitors display both gross and net weight
it integrates weighing display and batching controller
provide complete material batching control function

the professional problem has something to do with physics. You’d better consult the physics teacher or the product’s operation manual

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