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What kind of material does the packing box usually need to be made of?

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it depends on what you pack! General packaging box refers to the folding carton or micro corrugated carton made of cardboard and micro corrugated cardboard! The material of the packing box can be divided into two categories: face paper and pit paper

as the name suggests, packaging box is the box used to package products. It can be classified according to materials, such as carton, iron box, wooden box, cloth box, leather box, acrylic box, corrugated packaging box, PVC box, etc. it can also be classified according to the name of products, such as moon cake box, tea box, medlar box, candy box, exquisite gift box, local specialty box, wine box and chocolate box, Food, medicine and health products box, food packaging box, tea packaging box, stationery box, etc. Function of packing box: ensure the safety of products during transportation, improve the grade of products, etc
the main material of iron boxes and cans: tinplate.

there are many kinds of gift boxes with different specific materials
some are made of white cardboard, such as the candy box with cardboard
some are mounted with two layers of corrugated on a gray bottom white board
high-end products are usually pasted with special paper on the industrial version
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the main material of tea packing box is tinplate

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