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What kinds of food production equipment are there in food machinery

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classification of food processing machinery and equipment
the food processing process involves the processing or preservation of raw materials, intermediate products and finished products; It involves the pretreatment and separation of raw materials, the reorganization of intermediate products and the molding and packaging of final products; It involves the anti-corrosion and sterilization treatment of different types of semi-finished products and finished products. There are many kinds of raw materials and products in the food processing process, the nature of processing objects is different, the specifications of processed products are different, and the production of some varieties has seasonal and regional characteristics; All these determine that the types of food machinery and equipment must be extremely diverse. Therefore, whether from the perspective of equipment selection in food processing application, or from the perspective of equipment manufacturing and new model development. It is very important to systematically classify a wide variety of food processing machinery and equipment
China has not yet formulated the classification standard of food machinery. Each department often has different classification methods according to the convenience of work. At present, it is mainly classified in two ways: one is classified according to the type of raw materials and products, and the other is classified according to the operation function of the equipment
according to the classification of raw materials or production products, food machinery can be divided into many production line equipment. For example, sugar making machinery, bean products processing equipment, baked food machinery, dairy machinery, fruit and vegetable processing and preservation machinery, canned food machinery, candy food machinery, brewing machinery, beverage machinery, convenience food machinery, condiments and food additives machinery, aquatic products processing machinery, grain and oil processing machinery, cooking machinery (tobacco machinery is sometimes included in food processing machinery), etc
classification by the function of mechanical equipment is actually based on the unit operation function of the equipment. Generally, food machinery and equipment can be divided into screening and cleaning machinery, crushing and cutting machinery, mixing machinery, grading and sorting machinery, molding machinery, multiphase separation machinery, mixing and homogenization machinery, cooking and frying machinery, evaporation and concentration machinery, drying machinery, baking machinery, freezing and refrigeration machinery, extrusion machinery, metering machinery, packaging and filling machinery, conveying machinery, pumps, heat exchange equipment and containers
from the perspective of research, design and manufacturing, the above two classification methods have certain guiding significance for the production and development of food processing machinery and equipment. By classifying raw materials or products, we can study the internal relationship of various operation machines involved in various food processing and production. Promote the development of supporting production lines. Taking function as the classification basis is conducive to the comparative study of the production efficiency and mechanical structure of various unit operations, so as to drive the all-round development with local breakthroughs in technology.

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