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What materials are needed to make the packing box?

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What materials are needed to make the packing box?

materials play an important role in the printing, manufacturing and molding process of packaging boxes. Most packaging boxes will choose paper as the material, because paper is not only environmentally friendly, but also easy to achieve the best printing effect. However, different paper materials are suitable for different types of packaging boxes

white cardboard

white cardboard is the most commonly used material in the carton packaging industry at present. The paper is strong and thick, with high whiteness and gloss on the front, smooth and delicate surface and high printability; The glossiness, smoothness and whiteness of the back are slightly lower than those of the front. The common grams weigh 250g, 300g, 350g and 400g. White cardboard is often used in handbag packaging, cosmetic packaging boxes, drug packaging boxes and other printing and production

gold and silver cardboard

with the improvement of people’s requirements for product packaging boxes, the demand for gold and silver cardboard is also increasing year by year. Gold and silver cardboard is a paper made of white cardboard and aluminum gold and silver film. Generally speaking, a thin gold and silver aluminum film is pasted on the paper surface of white cardboard. The conventional weight of gold and silver cardboard is 275g, 325g and 375g. Gold and silver cardboard is suitable for box making, box making, printing and packaging in cigarette, food, alcohol, toothpaste box, cosmetics, medicine, gift packaging and other industries

kraft paper

kraft paper is divided into white kraft paper and yellow kraft paper. Kraft paper has high strength, good toughness and is not easy to crack. Yellow kraft paper is usually yellowish brown. Semi bleached or fully bleached kraft pulp is cream or white. The commonly used gram weights are 275g, 325g and 375g. When making packing boxes, kraft cardboard with high gram weight is generally selected. Some designers also like to use kraft paper to design dessert packaging. With the development of kraft paper, it will be gradually applied to cosmetics, food packaging and other fields

coated paper

coated paper can be divided into single-sided and double-sided. Coated paper is mainly refined from high-grade raw materials such as wood and cotton fiber. It is about 70g-400g per square meter, and more than 250g is also called coated white card. The paper surface is coated with a layer of white pigment. The surface is white with high smoothness. After printing with ink, it can show a bright bottom. It is suitable for multi-color overprint printing. After printing, it has bright colors, rich level changes and clear graphics. It is commonly used in gift boxes, portable paper bags and packaging boxes of some export products. Thin coated paper with low gram is suitable for mounting on the surface of packaging boxes, self-adhesive, etc

the above is about the selection of printing paper for packaging box. As an important way to protect commodities and promote sales, packaging box needs to keep up with the development of the times and use the latest material technology to create products with more characteristics and value.

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