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What problems should be paid attention to in packaging design?

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1. The performance of the product itself

the performance of the product itself mainly includes the appearance, physical state, strength, structure, weight, value and danger of the product, which should be considered first when packaging

2. Promotion concept
promoting commodity sales is one of the most important functional concepts of packaging design. In the past, people mainly relied on salesmen’s promotion and introduction when buying goods, but now supermarkets have become the most common way for people to buy goods

3. Production concept
while ensuring beautiful shape, packaging design must consider whether the design can realize accurate, rapid and batch production, and whether it is conducive to workers’ rapid and accurate processing, forming, loading and sealing

4. Storage conditions: multi-purpose stacking shall be used for storage, and its compressive strength shall be inspected for packaging. In addition, storage is also divided into indoor storage and outdoor storage. The former should pay attention to moisture-proof, mildew proof and waterproof; The latter should pay attention to rain and snow, sunshine and wind

Xi’an miaomu brand design, lighting up the brand with design

generally speaking, four points need to be paid attention to in product packaging design

I. appearance style

at present, the packaging on the market is mainly paper, plastic, glass and metal. The advantage of these packaging types is that there is a lot of room for re creation

color, creativity and image. Good packaging can convey some natural and comfortable visual feelings to people, and also improve users’ favor of the brand

this is the tea packaging design made by Miao mouse designer. The overall style is coordinated and unified, and the Chinese calligraphy font is adopted to increase the cultural color of the product

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II. Connotation

packaging can not only bring people the enjoyment of beauty, but also convey the brand’s attitude and core values. A good package will not be a stack of elements, but it must be expressed

Taiwan’s leading brand of bottled water, drink more water, has launched four magical new packages – the “can flip bottle” with text flip as creativity

the combination of these four groups of fonts is made through the variation of Chinese characters and the integration of aesthetic design. Designer Nomura said: this aspect is very interesting. At the same time, I hope young people will not set limits for themselves and dare to work hard

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& nbsp

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when you buy this bottle of water because of interest, you will also feel what the brand wants to express in this group of fonts, which is the connotation of packaging

III. quality

thirdly, the key word I want to mention is quality. Packaging first plays the function of protection and convenience, followed by the function of appearance and promotion

some packages have fancy surfaces, but when they are actually used, they are either easy to damage or inconvenient to use. In this way, even if the design is beautiful, I believe users will not choose the second time after use


this is the last and most important link in the process of brand marketing. Packaging design needs to aggregate the three functions of brand publicity, marketing promotion and product advertising

this requires packaging designers to follow the following principles:

1. Consider the core values of the enterprise and position the brand

2. Collect important information of products and sort them according to their importance

3. Try to express the characteristics of the product for users and strengthen it

3. Refined language expression and concise visual effect (except those with brand memory)

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4. Communicate well with Party A to help Party A understand the core connotation of packaging design (expand or simplify the design)

5. Pay attention to the differences in the packaging of different commodities. For example, snacks can show product elements; For fitness products, you need to show the use of elements

6. Product packaging should be plastic to ensure that the packaging of derivative products and the original packaging complement each other. In this way, all kinds of products are not only a brand, but also easy to identify each individual product

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a creative packaging can not only show brand creativity and artistic thinking, but also grasp consumers’ psychology and establish brand memory. While demonstrating the advantages of products, improve the consumption power of consumer groups, which is the requirement that good packaging can meet

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