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What should a business leader do

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Leadership public relations image is an important part of leadership public relations activities and plays its due role in leadership public relations activities. The image of enterprise leaders is the external expression of personal quality and ability and the representative of the overall image of the enterprise. Leaders should strive to do a good job, create good performance, improve their own quality and pay attention to the adjustment and improvement of external performance. We can neither despise or ignore its status and role, nor unduly elevate it to the extreme of formalism. In the whole leadership process and public relations activities of enterprise leaders, it must be recognized that work performance is the main, and public relations image is the form and secondary. Content determines form, and form obeys and serves content. Of course, form also reflects content and reacts on content. The relationship between the two should be manipulated correctly. We can’t just see the content and ignore the shape work; Nor can we despise the content and exaggerate the form. This problem can not be ignored when leaders establish a good public relations image. Enterprise leaders establish a good public relations image, which helps to improve the popularity and reputation of enterprises. However, attention should be paid to the establishment of public relations image of leaders

● in the publicity work, we should seek truth from facts, be appropriate and appropriate.
enterprise leaders undoubtedly need the help of publicity work to establish a good public relations image. This is beyond reproach. However, the publicity work must be realistic, honest and credible. Prevent flashiness, putting on airs, reporting good news without reporting bad news, deceiving superiors and subordinates, and talking big, empty and false. The false image dressed up with a false aura can only succeed for a while, and will eventually be exposed. At that time, the failure will be even worse. Every wise leader should take this as a warning, be more realistic and less grandiose

● do not give too much prominence to individuals
it is necessary for enterprise leaders to establish a public relations image, but pay attention to deal with the relationship between individuals and other enterprise leaders, with the collective leadership, and between individuals and subordinates and the masses. In public relations activities and publicity work, don’t keep points, highlight yourself, put yourself above others and the masses, and ignore and belittle the role of others and the masses. We should pay attention to the publicity of the overall image of the enterprise and highlight the brand and service of the enterprise

● self respect, self-respect and self love
to establish a good public relations image, leaders must pay attention to self-respect, self-respect and self love. Enterprise leaders should stand high, see far, have strong thoughts, have good consciousness, be aboveboard and frank. In other words, the leader should look like a leader, enough to become the navigator of the enterprise and make the employees admire psychologically. The best course I’m looking for

first, have a vision: successful people are good at dreaming, and those who can dream are those who see the beauty of success in the future, because most people only see the difficulties and crisis points, or are scared away by the difficulties in front of them. Only these people see the dawn and the opportunities, and they will not turn back and devote themselves to it. So, now you might as well dream about what you will become in five years, ten years, or even 15 or 20 years. If you can see such a big vision, you will convince others to work together with you to strive and achieve
2. Making friends with customers: customers are the foundation of enterprises. Where are customers? What do they need? When? Where do you stand in their mind? You will know how to promote and improve your products and your career. If you do so, success must belong to you
Third, be good at employing people: be able to bring capable people into your organization and create a good personal development space for them. Just like a dancer, you need a large enough stage; Let your talents give full play to their potential skills, respect them and let them play, and you will succeed in more than half
IV. learn from expert consultants: you have expertise in technology, so you should consult the expert consultants with an open mind. Don’t grasp everything personally. It’s better to think you can do it or should master the following. This will only make you learn more and more benzene. Because you are a manager, you don’t have to bother to learn and do what you shouldn’t understand. You can save time to explore, do what you should do and do it better; You don’t have to rely on experience and subjective judgment in everything. The experience of others is often the indicator of your success
v. good cooperation with investors: if you have the ability to contribute and cooperate with each other, you can promote success. If you have the ability, then you can cooperate with the person who pays. If you have the money, then you can fight with the person who has the ability. After all, money and ability are like the dual track of the train, which can ensure both speed and stability
VI. strategy and efficiency: in everything, we must pay attention to strategy and efficiency. In other words, do the right thing, be strategic and efficient, and you are a successful person; If you are efficient without strategy, you are just a lucky person at best. Luck will not come to your door every day. If you come once in a while, the key is to grasp it. Pay attention to the perfect combination of strategy and efficiency, then you can see the smile of success.

the first is responsibility. When you are a leader, you should first dare to take responsibility. Achievements are everyone’s and problems are the leader’s
the second is vision. You should be good at insight, insight, long-term and development. You should think of what others can’t think of first
the third is calm, smart judgment, calm analysis, scientific decision-making, good at listening to others’ opinions, but also have their own opinions
the fourth is tenacity, perseverance and enterprising. We should not be discouraged by one or two blows, and always maintain upward passion
the fifth is unity. Leaders should be able to unite the masses, be responsible to the top and bottom, mobilize the enthusiasm of the masses and give full play to the collective wisdom
the sixth is erudition. Your knowledge is broader than that of ordinary people. Rich knowledge can increase the charm of leaders.

9 natural laws of leadership 1. A leader should have willing followers 1 How authority is established (character, how to align the thoughts of followers with you) 2 Recognize whose support is necessary, and then strive for their support. Second, leadership is the relationship between followers. 1 Building a close working relationship is a constant activity 2 The quality of interrelationship is an important manifestation of leadership. Third, leadership occurs with events. 1 Focus on leading events and win support 2 Share the joy of success with employees. 4. Leaders do not rely on their authority to exert influence. 1 Instructor 2 Supporters 3 Trainers v. leaders work outside the procedures specified in the organizational system 1 Pay attention to the forgotten corners of the rules and regulations 2 Pay attention to projects and tasks that cannot be fully standardized 3 Pay attention to things that don’t seem to work. 6. Leadership comes with risk and uncertainty. 1 Coping with risks is a challenge to leadership 2 Taking action is more valuable than hoping for the result of action. 7. Active followers are the root of leaders’ success. 1 The main followers are your supporters 2 The degree of your success is restricted by the abilities and ideas of your followers. 8. Consciousness – information processing ability – leadership ability. 1 Develop strong self-awareness and consciously restrain irrational impulses 2 Rational self-consciousness comes from the ability to process information. 3 Continuously update your information base. 9. Leadership behavior is a process of self arrangement. 1 Find out what you expect and make subordinates understand your expectations 2 Change your thinking mode: change “I believe when I see” to “I believe when I see”

for a good leader, his subordinates don’t feel his existence (the leader does his job well when he is in and out); Secondly, the leader and subordinates are close to and praise him; Once again, the leaders and subordinates are afraid of him; The inferior leader and his subordinates despised him. The leader’s integrity is insufficient, and his subordinates certainly don’t trust him The best leaders are calm and calm, rarely give orders, and when things are done successfully, they say, “we are like this (success belongs to people who work carefully, know how to save (step), sweat freely and have brains).”

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