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What should be paid attention to in exhibition design

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what should be paid attention to in exhibition design? Veolia booth design
first, the design should be made from the perspective of the target audience. The exhibition design should consider people, mainly the purpose, emotion, interest, viewpoint, reaction and other factors of the target audience. Designing from the perspective of the target audience is easy to attract the attention and resonance of the target audience and leave a deep impression on the target audience
Second, the design of people flow arrangement should be considered. Exhibitors hope to have a large number of visitors who can move freely in the booth; We also hope to attract a large number of visitors, because some booth arrangements are the key factor for crowd control and management. Therefore, designers should start to understand what kind of flow of people exhibitors are when they start to design the exhibition
Third, there should be eye-catching signs. The unique design of the exhibition can attract more visitors, make it easier for visitors to identify and find, so that visitors entering the booth will also leave an impression and be touched and remembered after the meeting
Fourth, space design should be considered. Exhibition designers should also consider the number of exhibition staff and the number of visitors. Crowded exhibitions will not be efficient, and some target audiences will lose interest. Conversely, empty exhibitions will have the same effect.

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