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What’s the point of wrapping red roses in black paper?

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black gauze roses in the flower industry are popular in people’s sight and senses. Now black gauze packaging is popular, mysterious love and mysterious veil& nbsp; The moral of red rose is love and pursuit, and the moral of black paper is sadness and depression. If you wrap black paper with red rose, it means obstruction in love, which is an implicit way of expression& nbsp;

it is also said that many bridegrooms will wear black suits when they get married. Black gauze here represents solemn commitment and solemnly swear that red rose naturally does not need to be said to represent love. Black gauze matches red rose. Black gauze may not easily say love and be silent and introverted at ordinary times, but his love is very solemn, strong and introverted. He is willing to be your most loyal supporter all his life, and is willing to guard you forever. He may not speak sweet words, but he will protect you from the wind and rain until his third life, Ever lasting

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Rosa Rosa flower, that is, Rose (scientific name: Rosa rugosa) is a plant of Rosa in Rosaceae. In daily life, it is the general name of a series of cultivated varieties of Rosa with large and gorgeous flowers. Rose fruit is edible, sugar free and rich in vitamin C. It is often used in vanilla tea, jam, jelly, fruit juice and bread, as well as Swedish soup and honey wine. Roses are native to China. In ancient Chinese, the word “jade” means “Rose”. Later, Rosa rugosa, a wild rose plant, was called “Rose” because its fruit was large and red. Rosa rugosa is called bangeggplant in Japan and Begonia flower in North Korea. Red roses represent love and yellow roses represent friendship

I feel a secret love. Black is hidden, and red rose means passion and true love, so I guess it means secret love.

red rose stands for love, vigorous and vigorous, and black gauze stands for steady death. Together, it is the love between me and you. There is no divorce, only the widow shows the firm love until death

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