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Where is gift packaging in Chongqing

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I bought a box of chocolates. I want to make the packaging more beautiful. There is a special packaging place there (the specific address should be in Jiulongpo District, Chongqing)

you can pack gifts in Yangjiaping underground shopping mall and Jinying women’s street. There are wrapping papers you can choose, expensive and cheap. Last time I wrapped gifts, it cost me more than 80 yuan

you can go to the boutique to pack the packing box. You can pack it in these places, up to 2-3 yuan
I used to pack the book wrapping paper for my friends, and then add a flower. It’s only 2 yuan

Shapingba, Smurfs I can pack it for you

just find a boutique. I remember there seems to be one at the intersection above the district government. Just look for it.

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