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Which are the top 10 domestic milk powder quality rankings

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now there are many kinds of infant milk powder in the market. I believe many mothers want to give their children the best. Imported milk powder is not only expensive, but also affected by purchase restrictions, which makes many families out of reach. In fact, in recent years, with the strict control of product quality by the AQSIQ, there are many domestic milk powder brands with excellent quality. Then, what is the quality ranking of domestic milk powder? Let’s take a look at the ranking list 123 and bring you a detailed introduction to the quality ranking of domestic milk powder

Top 10 domestic milk powder quality rankings: Yili, bainmei, Feihe, Yashili, Prince Le, heshengyuan, Wandashan, Shengyuan, Guangming and JUNLEBAO

No.1 Yili

which is the best quality of domestic milk powder

Yili Group is composed of five business divisions: liquid milk, cold drink, milk powder, yogurt and raw milk, There are more than 130 branches and subsidiaries nationwide, with more than 1000 product varieties such as ice cream, ice cream, milk powder, milk tea powder, sterile milk, yogurt and cheese. Among them, Yili Jindian organic milk, Yili nutrition Shuhua milk, Changqing yogurt, jinlingguan infant formula milk powder and qiaolezi ice cream are the most popular “star products” in the market

birthplace: Inner Mongolia, China

creation time: 1960

main effects: intellectual nutrition + effective absorption + immune protection

main features: rich in high-quality protein and rich milk flavor. Added ingredients: DHA, folic acid, active Bifidobacterium

business cultivation points:

1. The protein in Yili milk is mainly casein Milk protein contains 98% amino acids, including protein globulin and other amino acids

2. Yili milk fat is a high-quality fat with a digestibility of more than 95% and contains a large amount of fat soluble vitamins

3. Lactose in Yili milk is galactose and lactose, which are the most easily digested and absorbed sugars

4. The minerals and trace elements in Yili milk are dissolved, and the content proportion of various minerals, especially the proportion of calcium and phosphorus, is relatively appropriate, which is easy to digest and absorb

No.2 beinmei

among the top 10 domestic milk powder quality rankings, what are the good quality of domestic milk powder

beinmei group aims to “care for life and love life” and provides all-round services to the cause of Chinese infants and children. The basic business of the company independently develops and produces bainmei series infant food, with a total of more than 100 varieties. Since the launch of the “baby friendly project”, bainmei has provided free assistance to nearly 300 multiple birth families and thousands of families with difficult infants and young children in China, and donated more than 300 child welfare homes with a total value of more than 10 million yuan. All these show beinmei’s professionalism and authority in the infant and child industry, as well as beinmei’s determination and courage to shoulder social responsibility

birthplace: Hangzhou, China

creation time: 1992

main industry: milk powder and nutrition

nutritional value analysis:

1. Specially added lactoferrin α- Whey protein

2. Reasonable proportion of whey protein and casein

3. Specially add linoleic acid α- Linolenic acid, DHA and Ara

4. Special addition of 5 nucleotides, bifidus factor β- Carotene

5. Specially added L-carnitine, inositol, taurine and folic acid

5. Reasonable proportion of whey protein and casein

7. Sucrose free

No.3 Feihe

which of the top 10 domestic milk powder quality is better

Heilongjiang Feihe Dairy Co., Ltd. was founded in 1962, So far, it has more than 40 years of professional dairy manufacturing history. In March 2002, he joined American Dairy Co., Ltd. (ADY) and became its first wholly-owned enterprise in China, specializing in the scientific research, development, production and sales of nutritional dairy products. In May 2003, Feihe dairy was successfully listed on Nasdaq, becoming the first listed enterprise in China’s dairy industry in the United States. In April 2005, Feihe dairy successfully landed on the New York Stock Exchange

birthplace: Heilongjiang, China

creation time: 1962

main industry: milk powder, supplementary food and nutrition

nutritional value analysis:

1. Balanced nutrition: protein provides nutrition to the body

2. Supplement energy: fat can provide energy and provide milk fragrance

3. Moistening intestines: milk contains lactose. Lactose is very important for the development of young children. It can promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in human intestines and make abnormal fermentation in intestines, which is conducive to intestinal health

4. Eyesight: vitamin A promotes normal growth and reproduction and maintains epithelial tissue and vision

5. Strengthening bone: Vitamin C can resist scurvy; Vitamin D can regulate the calcification ability of osteoblasts in various metabolic bone tissues

6. Anti aging: vitamin E has the effect of anti-aging.

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 Yili milk powder is refined with super milk of the day as raw material and advanced creative technology and room temperature double sterilization technology. Adhere to the cultivation of milk, rich in super protein, strong milk flavor, instant, without sucrose, smooth taste and pure milk taste 

 Wandashan enterprise group Dairy Co., Ltd. is a professional dairy producer. It was developed from a small dairy factory in 1965 and established into Wandashan group in 1997. Its business is listed as green hat food by the national green hat food progress center. Its Wandashan brand is a well-known trademark in China and is famous for its high popularity, credibility and market share
 Feihe dairy was founded in 1962. Over the years, it has devoted its attention to the R & D and production creation of infant milk powder. It is known as the safest infant milk powder brand and the first infant milk powder enterprise in China with the whole industrial chain. With a series of businesses such as xingfeifan, super Feifan and Feifan, it is an infant milk powder enterprise with the most perfect whole industry chain

 beinmei was established in November 1992. Its headquarters is located in Hangzhou. Its business mainly involves baby business and services. Beinmei's mission is to help Chinese children and children around the world grow healthily through continuous research and development, creation and operation of scientific and safe pregnancy, infant and child business, as well as warm, professional and relational mother and child services

 Shengyuan nutritional food Co., Ltd., founded in 1998, is a professional dairy enterprise integrating business R & D, dairy production, marketing and inquiry services. Since the birth of Shengyuan, the leading brand of the group, it has made remarkable achievements in the Chinese dairy market and has become one of the eight brands of Chinese infant milk powder 

 the business origin of Guangming dairy started in 1911. After more than 100 years of continuous progress, Guangming dairy gradually established its main business of research, production and sales of all kinds of dairy products, and is the leading leader of high-end dairy products in China. The group has world-class dairy research institutes, dairy processing equipment and advanced dairy processing technology. Its main business includes fresh milk, fresh yogurt, lactic acid bacteria drinks, normal temperature milk, normal temperature yogurt, milk powder, cheese, butter and other categories 

 Guangdong Yashili Group Co., Ltd. is now renamed as "Yashili World Group Co., Ltd." it is a well-known modern large-scale enterprise specializing in food research, research, production and sales. Formed by 7 groups including food, dairy, nutrition and health care, packaging and printing 

 Longdan dairy is one of the well-known dairy enterprises in China (especially in Heilongjiang Province). It belongs to Heilongjiang Dairy Group and was once rated as "Huaxia famous brand". The sales of Longdan dairy products are mainly studied in Heilongjiang Province and Northeast China 

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milk powder suitable for babies is good milk powder. Mothers should avoid following the trend when buying milk powder, and pay attention to the nutritional composition and easy digestion of milk powder.

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