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Which brands of carton machinery are better?

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pinlong Seiko semi-automatic box pasting machine

the machine has reasonable design, novel and smooth appearance, flexible, simple, fast and practical operation

the paper placing platform is controlled by electric eye, which can rise and fall automatically and save manpower

the middle section is equipped with an automatic snapping device to effectively avoid the phenomenon of “scissors fork” in the bonded carton

the middle snapping baffle and the rear paper receiving table are electrically adjusted, and the overall lifting and shrinking are carried out synchronously

the bonding and shaping part is equipped with a pressing shaft and a belt to strengthen the shaping effect

the electric control part is equipped with the total accounting display function; Automatic counting in the rear section, set the number of finished products (1-20 sheets) and output them automatically, which is convenient for bundling and packaging

the switch button adopts Schneider brand, and the photoelectric switch adopts Taiwan imported brand, which is stable, reliable and durable; The main drive motor adopts Taiwan reduction motor, and the lifting motor, wave box and fan are domestic high-quality brands

from semi-finished product bonding to finished product packaging and placement, it can be completed by only two people, which is simple to operate and saves labor cost

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