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Which great Xia has the calibration scheme of electronic belt scale

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Which great Xia has the calibration scheme of electronic belt scale? I’m in urgent need of the calibration scheme of the electronic belt scale. If any great Xia has one, please send it to me. I’d like to thank you here

for the zero point cumulative error of the belt scale, the premise is that the sensor installation structure and the installation structure of the weighing section must be reasonable. The dynamic peeling is carried out through the belt scale controller. The dynamic peeling is generally to make the belt scale run empty for three turns (or more), and the instrument automatically collects the influence of the symmetrical weight section of the belt tension during the operation of the empty scale, so as to realize the dynamic peeling of the belt scale.

the verification station is equipped with standard chain code to verify the electronic belt scale, which has achieved remarkable results. In order to solve the long-standing problems of electronic belt scale in coal mine, such as difficult maintenance and verification, low precision, large labor intensity, long time and insecurity, the standard chain code equipped by the balance verification station of Xuzhou Mining Bureau has achieved remarkable results in the maintenance and verification of electronic belt scale. In the past, the station needed 10 workers to load and unload 1.5 tons of coal on the belt conveyor to verify an electronic belt scale. Under normal circumstances, it had to work continuously for more than two hours; The standard chain code verification requires only two workers to be responsible for loading and unloading the chain code (the specification of the chain code is 50kg /6.2m), and the verification time only takes 1 hour, saving manpower by 80% and man hours by 50%, which not only ensures safety, but also greatly reduces the labor intensity. The verification accuracy of the electronic belt scale is better than 0.5%.

the electronic belt scale is a measuring equipment with many problems in use on site. Because the electronic belt scale is an automatic continuous measuring equipment. It has a great relationship with the site environment, use and maintenance. As for the verification scheme of belt scale, there is no fixed scheme. It depends on the actual situation of the use site. The verification methods of general electronic belt scale are as follows. Physical calibration, chain code calibration, hanging code calibration, regular comparison and equivalence. The above methods have the highest reliability of physical calibration, but the operation is cumbersome. Hanging code calibration is the most time-saving and labor-saving, but the reliability is the worst. As for which one to adopt, it should be determined according to the site conditions. If possible, physical calibration is the best. After the physical object calibration is completed, then use the chain code test once (only test without adjustment) to observe the difference between the physical object and the chain code calibration results. Keep records. It can be used as a reference or correction basis for the next chain code calibration. If there are no conditions for physical calibration, it is more convenient to use chain code calibration.

the calibration chain code of the electronic belt scale series complies with the provisions of the national metrological verification regulation of the people’s Republic of China JJG650-90. It is a kind of analog load standard. It can be used as the calibration and calibration device of the electronic belt scale within the agreed time. After adding the automatic retracting and retracting winch device, it is more convenient to calibrate and correct the measurement accuracy of the electronic belt scale.

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