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Who has information about Zhaoqing polytechnic school,

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located in the urban area of Zhaoqing City, Zhaoqing Polytechnic secondary vocational school is a secondary vocational school with independent certification qualification approved and filed by the education department. It is a national key school and a provincial key secondary vocational school in Guangdong Province. Based on semi closed paramilitary management, science and engineering students cover all major industries in China. They are the pioneers in secondary vocational technical schools

the school has more than 3160 students and 160 teaching staff; The school covers an area of more than 160 Mu and the school building area is about 60000 square meters. It is divided into teaching and learning areas, living areas and sports areas. The school has complete teaching facilities, including electronic publishing laboratory, multimedia classroom, Internet computer room, printing workshop, library, plate making workshop, electronic reading room, numerical control workshop, mold workshop, automobile practice workshop, etc., and has several practice bases in Shenzhen, Dongguan and other places. Based on perfect teaching equipment and high-quality professional teachers, the school adheres to the concept of “survival by military style and development by professional skills”, educates students to take military personnel as an example, creatively implements the management mode of “fully closed, paramilitary” and “imitating family and army”, highlights the teaching of core professional theories and skills, and aims at students’ personality and specialty, Efforts are made to train every student into professional and technical talents or management talents with both morality and talent. The school signs the student learning and employment contract when freshmen enter the school, realizing the “network” and “order” training mode to ensure that each student has employment, has a good working environment and high salary after graduation, and graduates implement the whole process tracking service. The school’s management mode of cultivating excellent secondary vocational graduates has received the effect of “making social consensus, recognition of units and satisfaction of parents”, and has been highly recognized by all sectors of society. It has been rated as a civilized unit in Duanzhou District, an advanced unit in teaching and educating people, an advanced unit in loving the country and supporting the army in Zhaoqing City, an advanced unit in Vocational Education issued by Zhaoqing vocational education base in Guangdong Province, a safe and civilized community in Duanzhou District, Zhaoqing City and other honorary titles. At the end of 2006, it passed the evaluation of experts from the Department of education of Guangdong Province and became a key secondary vocational school in Guangdong Province, playing a backbone demonstration role in the field of Vocational Education in Guangdong Province; In 2007, the printing technology major of our university was designated as the key construction major of Guangdong Province. Our school is the executive director of Guangdong Printing and Reproduction Industry Association, member of Guangdong packaging and printing industry chamber of Commerce, director of Guangdong mould association and vice president of Guangdong Zhaoqing printing and reproduction Association. At the same time, it is also the agency of the qualification training and certification project for Chinese automobile practitioners of the Ministry of Commerce and the training and certification of automobile industry (western Guangdong)

school features:
first class school running conditions and strong teaching staff
the school has perfect infrastructure, with advanced teaching and learning equipment such as teaching building, office building, auditorium, internship Hotel, student apartment, campus electronic broadband network, tea art room, body training hall, Guzheng Performance Hall and so on. It has a dedicated, professional and fully equipped teaching team, and employs experts, scholars and professional technicians to teach in the school as needed. The leading group of the school is united and progressive, experienced, proficient in management and pioneering

good employment prospects
the school attaches great importance to the employment of graduates and actively develops employment channels for graduates. The majors set up by the school are the “three high” majors with the highest social demand, high employment rate and high salary in the new century. The school has established good cooperative relations with many large enterprises such as Wuyishan, Fuzhou, Xiamen, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. To achieve “fixed post upon enrollment and employment upon enrollment”. The school promises that all students enrolled in our school can sign an employment agreement with our school after admission to ensure the employment of our graduates

paramilitary management
in order to enable students to develop good study and living habits, strengthen the concept of organization and discipline, and enable students to learn and achieve success, the school establishes a strict management system and implements semi closed paramilitary management

implement the “double certificate” system for graduates
the school has established a national vocational skill appraisal station. When students finish their study, they will be issued with not only the secondary technical school and secondary technical school graduation certificates verified and printed by the Education Commission, but also the computer grade certificate and catering grade certificate, which are commonly used in the country and in line with international standards Wait

the best way to get to the University
the school implements academic education and training in parallel, integrates secondary and higher vocational education, and forms multi-form and multi-level flexible school running characteristics. At present, the school cooperates with many colleges and universities such as Beijing University of Humanities and Xiamen Nanyang University to realize the long-awaited university dream of students
to ensure that poor students can successfully complete their studies and encourage students to make progress, the school has set up scholarships and grants, carried out “one help one” poverty-stricken activities for Party members and cadres, and arranged work study programs

[major setting] electronic electrician (part-time study)
[major setting] automobile maintenance (automobile assembly direction)
[major setting] modern logistics and accounting computerization (part-time study)
[major setting] e-commerce (English) secretary (part-time study)
[major setting] NC mold (part-time study)
[major setting] printing technology (part-time study)
[major setting] mechanical manufacturing and automation (junior college) (college degree)
[specialty setting] computer application technology (junior college) (college degree)
[specialty setting] Logistics Management (junior college) (college degree)
[specialty setting] Secretary (junior college) (college degree)
[specialty setting] community intelligent management (elevator maintenance direction) (3-year system)
[specialty setting] computer art design (animation design direction) (3-year system)
[specialty setting] computer art design (interior and advertising design direction) (3-year system)
[professional setting] packaging and decoration design (3-year system)
[professional setting] printing technology (3-year system)
[professional setting] automobile maintenance and business (3-year system)
[professional setting] mold design and manufacturing (3-year system)
[professional setting] numerical control technology application (3-year system)
[professional setting] e-commerce (English) secretary (3-year system)
[professional setting] Modern logistics and computerized accounting (3-year system)
[professional setting] printing management (3-year system)

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