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Who knows the top ten brands of nail free glue?

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Apple Tree nail free adhesive has strong adhesion and can replace nails to the greatest extent. It is most suitable for firmly bonding all kinds of (building) materials. There is no need for drilling, screws and nails. Time saving, efficient and fast. Super adhesion and high bonding strength
after years of development, apple tree company has achieved leapfrog development in production and manufacturing, market development, technical services, scientific and technological innovation and so on. Today, apple tree company has won the recognition of China’s well-known trademark, top ten enterprises in China’s adhesive industry, Guangdong high-tech product award, key high-tech in the national torch plan, environmental protection brand preferred by users in the national market, integrity enterprise, AAA credit unit of Chinese enterprises, etc. As a modern enterprise with strong capital, technology and strength, under the guidance of the three-step development strategy of rapid development of its own business and investment in new business, apple tree company has developed rapidly and stably, and is determined to become the fastest-growing brand of nail free glue in China

characteristics of nail free adhesive:
1. Fast bonding speed (calculated in seconds)
2. Bonding strength ≥ 3Mpa (30kg /cm)
3. Wide bonding range, suitable for all building decoration materials
4. Environmental protection and no odor, solvent content ≤ 13%
5. Long storage period, 27 ℃ warehouse storage: more than 24 months
6. Easy construction (scraping and coating)
Nail free adhesive
instructions for use:
clean the construction surface, Make sure there is no oil or dust
cut the pipe orifice, install the nozzle and extrude it with the seal Qiang
dry bonding method (suitable for joints with lighter materials and light bearing capacity)
1. Extrude several rows of zigzag liquid nails at a distance of 40 cm
2. Press the side with liquid nail on the bonding place, gently pull it apart and let the glue volatilize for 2 ~ 5 minutes
3. Then press the two sides tightly

nail glue free construction steps
in order to ensure product quality, it is recommended that customers clean the surface before use without dust and grease; No ponding and moisture; At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that one side is absorbent material and solid to ensure the pasting effect
1) cut the nozzle above the thread line to achieve the desired size and angle (about 6mm)
2) extrude one or two continuous adhesive strips on the back to be pasted
3) bond the materials to be pasted for at least 2 minutes
4) wipe off the spilled glue with a wet cloth
5) according to different base courses, certain supports or fixings are required when bonding heavy objects.

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