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Who knows the working principle of chili sauce packaging machine

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chili sauce packaging machine refers to the process of packaging roll film into bags and filling into chili sauce with a molding machine, with a high degree of automation.

the working principle of the packaging machine is very simple. Install the packaging materials on the packaging machine first, and then start the machine. The first step is to pull down the packaging paper by the bag pulling motor, and then the paper supply part supplies the paper according to the signal of the paper supply sensor. The packaging paper is formed by the former part, and then the heating sealing part seals the bottom of the packaging bag,

chili sauce packaging machine works through film rolling and molding machine. It can be packaged into different styles through the molding machine, and finally carry out sealing, coding and other operations.

the chili sauce packaging machine can pack most chili sauce items, such as hot pot seasoning, oil pepper, instant noodles seasoning bag and so on. The working principle of ruiba is to use roll film, and then through the shaper, it can be changed into the style you want to package, such as three sides or back seal. You can also choose serrated or flat edges, measure well, pack and seal, and then select coding or other devices.

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