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Why choose blister packaging

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the packaging of small commodities placed or hung on the shelves of supermarkets is mainly for the purpose of displaying, protecting and beautifying products. The packaging materials are mostly pet and PVC with good transparency. The packaging products mainly include: mask, card inserting bubble shell, card absorbing bubble shell, heat sealing double bubble shell, half folded double bubble shell and transparent folding box; For electronics, it, industrial parts, cosmetics and other commodities, the packaging is mainly for the purpose of protection, separation, shockproof and foil. The packaging materials are mostly PS (color, antistatic and flocking). The packaging products mainly include: tray, inner support, blister box, flocking blister, antistatic blister, conductive blister tray, turnover tray, etc; In recent years, some products not only think of the protection function of the container, but also think of the intuitive display effect of the product, resulting in new packaging types: bottom cover and sandwich packaging. The “surface” of the bottom cover adopts PET material with good transparency, and the “bottom” adopts PS material
the above answers are summarized by practitioners in the blister packaging industry. I hope they can help you. Ningguo Hengchang plastic products Co., Ltd. specializes in blister packaging customization. We look forward to cooperating with you!

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